For more information about many famous African Americans who joined the antislavery cause, watch for my forthcoming book, Black Abolitionists.

Here is a list of numerous men and women, most of whom Frederick Douglass knew and was associated with, who helped bring an end to slavery through their tireless efforts.

Absalom Boston
William Wells Brown
Mary Ann Shadd Cary
Alexander Crummell
Catherine and Martin Robison Delany
Henry Highland Garnet
Charlotte Forten Grimke
Francis Grimke
Frances E.W. Harper
Lewis and Harriet Hayden
Nathan and Polly Johnson
John and Mary Jones
John Mercer Langston
George Latimer
Jermain W. Loguen
William Cooper Nell
James W. C. Pennington
Charles Burleigh Purvis
Harriet Forten Purvis
Robert Purvis
Charles Lenox Remond
Sarah Parker Remond
David Ruggles
Abraham Shadd
James McCune Smith
Maria Stewart
William Still
Sojourner Truth
Harriet Tubman
James Varick
Samuel Ringgold Ward
Robert Roberts
William Whipper

Here is a list of first generation freedom fighters, abolitionists who lived during the Revolutionary Era. Frederick Douglass knew of these men and women, some who were still alive during his lifetime, and others who had children or grandchildren who were friends with Douglass.

Richard Allen
Sarah Allen
Benjamin Bannaker
Andrew Bryan
Daniel Coker
Samuel Cornish
Paul Cuffe
James Derham
James Forten
Charlotte Forten
Newport Gardiner
Prince Hall
Lemuel Haynes
Absalom Jones
John Marrant
George Middleton
Nathaniel Paul
John B. Russwurm
Peter Williams, Jr.
Peter Williams, Sr.

For more information about Richard Allen and America’s first generation of freedom fighters, read the book America’s Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders.