George W. Latimer

A benchmark case for abolitionists rocked the nation when fugitive George Latimer was arrested in Boston and thrown into jail.

Frederick Douglass, Charles Remond, and other abolitionists fought round the clock for his freedom…and won! A tremendous victory took place in the battle for freedom.

Also, history might have been changed if George Latimer had been taken back into slavery where he would have been separated from his wife, Rebecca, who had originally escaped with him and remained in hiding in the North. George might have been killed for his successful attempt to escape and thus never started a family. His son, Lewis might never have been born.

Lewis H. Latimer, son of Rebecca and George Latimer, grew up to become one of the Edison Pioneers, and completed important research to help invent a better light bulb.

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The George Latimer Case: A Benchmark in the Struggle for Freedom