Frederick Douglass’s manumission, or freedom, papers were signed to show the transfer of ownership from Thomas Auld to Hugh Auld, and then from Hugh Auld to Frederick Douglass. Here is a copy of the wording from those papers that declared Douglass a free man, as found in his autobiography, Life and Times of Frederick Douglass:

Knowing all men by these presents: That I, Thomas Auld, of Talbot County and State of Maryland, for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred dollars, current money, to me paid by Hugh Auld of the City of Baltimore, in the said State, at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof I, the said Thomas Auld, do hereby acknowledge, have granted, bargained, and sold, and by these presents do grant, bargain, and sell unto the said Hugh Auld, his executors, administrators, and assigns, ONE NEGRO MAN, by the name of FREDERICK BAILEY, or DOUGLASS, as he calls himself—he is now about twenty-eight years of age—to have and to hold the said negro man for life. And I, the said Thomas Auld, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, all and singular, the said FREDERICK BAILEY, alias, DOUGLASS, unto the said Hugh Auld, his executors and administrators, and against all and every other person or persons whatsoever, shall and will warrant and forever defend by these presents. In witness whereof, I set my hand and seal this thirteenth day of November eighteen hundred and forty-six (1846).
Signed, sealed, and delivered in presence of Wrightson Jones, John C. Lear.
The authenticity of this bill of sale is attested by N. Harrington, a justice of the peace of the State of Maryland and for the County of Talbot, dated same day as above.

To all whom it may concern: Be it known that I, Hugh Auld of the City of Baltimore, in Baltimore County in the state of Maryland, for divers good causes and considerations me thereunto moving, have released from slavery, liberated, manumitted, and set free, and by these presents do hereby release from slavery, liberate, manumit, and set free, MY NEGRO MAN named FREDERICK BAILEY, otherwise called DOUGLASS, being of the age of twenty-eight years or thereabouts, and able to work and gain a sufficient livelihood and maintenance; and him, the said negro man named FREDERICK DOUGLASS, I do declare to be henceforth free, manumitted, and discharged from all manner of servitude to me, my executors and administrators forever.
In witness whereof, I, the said Hugh Auld, have hereunto set my hand and seal the fifth of December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-six.
Sealed and delivered in presence of T. Hanson Belt, James N. S. T. Wright.