Do you want a printable handout to send home with students to extend their learning about Frederick Douglass? Try this printable instant book! This book is also great to distribute in the library during Black History Month. And of course, it’s perfect for homeschooling families!

Download and print out this miniature book that your students can create in an instant!

Frederick Douglass Instant book

Here are the steps to make this instant book. Practice making the book on your own first. Soon it will be a snap. Then demonstrate how to make the book to students. This book is so much fun to make, everyone wants to make it again!

Step 1: Place the paper on a flat surface so that the cover of the book, Frederick Douglass for Kids, is at the bottom, right side up.

Step 2: Fold the top back behind the cover so that it is folded in half along the dashed line. This forms a “hotdog.” Crease the fold firmly.

Step 3: Open the paper out flat again. This time fold it in half like a “hamburger” so the cover is facing you. (The fold is along the bottom.) Crease the fold firmly.

Step 4: Fold the top edge down behind the front so that the cover is still facing you. Crease the fold firmly.

Step 5: Open up partially. Cut the dashed line with the scissors.

Step 6: Open up partially to show the opening at the top.

Step 7: With the cover facing you, grasp the left edge with your left hand and the right edge with your right hand.

Step 8: Push with your right hand toward the middle so that the pages of the book snap into place.

Step 9: You will now have 3 pages of the book on the right side and will be holding the back cover in your left hand.

Step 10: This is what the instant book looks like before the back cover is folded into place.

Step 11: Fold the back cover behind the rest of the book so the cover is facing you.

Step 12: Here is the completed book! Fold all the creases firmly. Then read the book with your students for an overview of the amazing life of Frederick Douglass, a true American hero! Encourage them to take it home and share about Frederick Douglass with their family, too. Help spread the word about this inspirational leader who truly believed one person can make a difference in our world!

To watch a video on how to create this fun little book, click on the Youtube video, How to Make an Instant Book.